ICT in Schools

I joined a session on Elluminate tonight. The amazing Dr Sue Black, whose involvement has turned things around for Bletchley Park, was talking about girls in computing studies, with Drew (Digitalmaverick) and assorted ICT and other teachers there.

It’s a frustrating subject with ICT being left out of the curriculum in my son’s school this whole year (year 8). They’ve just given up on it.

The current curriculum is obviously not working, but we’re all not people who like to sit around and just complain. So we talked about what we think would bring about a change.

We all believed that giving role models a chance to do mentoring is the way forward, and the Unlibrary as a model of a local learning hub that’s not school, yet creative and educational, is relevant, as is using libraries in ways that makes them newly crucial to the local community.

The girls in IT issue, and generally how ICT and computing are taught in schools, might well morph into a fully blown campaign for change.

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