There’s a lot I’ve written that I’m now looking at with a new eye. A lot of it I’m not so sure about anymore.

I’m one of these people who have strong opinions. I write them down and am not afraid of starting a discussion. But – there is always an inherent flaw in not knowing the whole story. Things I’ve written that were based on guesswork are now making me cringe in a big way. And when do we ever know the whole story? How much need is there for us to trust that there is sufficient experience and skill that we sometimes shouldn’t criticize others’ way of doing things? Maybe there even is a point to SEO and affiliate marketing? It makes me shudder even saying this – but then I’ve been looking for work in my field and people wouldn’t throw ‘social media’ in with ‘SEO’ and ‘affiliate’ if there wasn’t a point to it, would they?

Anyways. I’ve cleared out all my old writings. I will probably make them available in some sort of archive. I know it’s good to be sure of yourself, and the more conviction you put into your broadcasts, the more people will listen and follow you. I don’t know if I have anything that interesting to say anymore. I’ll hopefully come up with something to write about that I don’t have to delete the next month. And I hope it’s not all going to be about how social media has changed my life. (Well – it has, ok?)

In the meantime, I’m still looking for work in Berlin. My skills are soft ones and often companies are looking for interns and students to take care of their online voices and communities (remind you of anything?) A wild dream of mine is to go to Rostock and study there for a bit – the university is to die for -, and maybe approach the whole social media thing from an academic point, so people will listen to me when I tell them to not leave it up to others and throw it in with SEO and affiliate marketing (there, I’m pontificating again.)

In any case, I need to make the move, even though it scares me – in fact, it’s for the first time in my life that any move properly scares me. It’s scarier than moving to Nigeria. I guess – once you’ve moved home after over 20 years abroad, there is no more sentimentality, no more homesickness, no more nostalgia. This is it. And it *will* disappoint me.

But at least the air quality should be better.

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