1. Jörg

    Hej, I am from Germany east, born 1955 in the GDR.
    LWH :-) first film when I was young :”Die Söhne der großen Bärin” and all the next .Here was my last hope to find informations about book’s of LWH in english language, now i know – no exist :-/
    Thank you Anke for your work.

  2. Lyubo

    I am also from Bulgaria. I was born in 1965 and – like many other (then) boys and some girls my age – I grew up with the three volumes of “The Sons of the Great Bear”, translated in Bulgarian. They had a huge impact on me, becoming something like my “Indian Bibles”. Many years later I started to study the real history and authentic traditions of several North American Native tribes (incl. Lakota people; I even had the best of luck to live among Oglala in South Dakota, USA). That’s how I saw that there were many inaccuracies in the mentioned books… However, I am still grateful to their author and highly estimate the very spirit I got from them: I know they came into my life in time and did their work.

  3. Donatas

    “The Sons of the Great Bear” books were translated to lithuanian language as well. One of my favourite childhood books.

  4. Nafisa

    This may be the only information about the respected and great writer, written in English.

    I am from Uzbekistan and Tokey Ihto was translated into my native language and I read the other two books of the trilogy in Russian.

    The book was my all-time favourite and I’ve read it about 14 times. It had huge impact on me as well.

    Shame that it was not translated into English, but the former socialist world know about ‘noble savage’ literature and Goyko Mitich films. In fact whole generations were huge fans.

  5. Joro

    I am originally from Bulgaria and the book “The Sons of the Great Bear” was translated and published in Bulgarian. I read the book when I was a child and really loved it. I wanted to recommend it to my son, but he only reads English and I could not find an English version.
    I was actually looking for the book online and that is how I stumbled into your article which I found interesting.

    • Kiril

      we have it in bulgarian darling so you dont need to look in engllish, its a great book i love it and i got all 3 of them xx

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