Youtube Site Changes mean more Celebs and fewer new Creators

J just walked me through what Youtube is like since their housecleaning a few months ago.

For that he had to log out of his account so his subscriptions wouldn’t show. He then showed me how the various channels only showed popular videos, even if that meant that they were ancient. Even the popular video creators are unhappy with this development, as their videos show by popularity and none of their newer content gets any exposure.

What if you’re small and good?

J then logged into his account and showed me how he now finds new content – by clicking on his subscriptions button, a tiny thing in the upper right corner. He said, sensibly: How is anyone new to Youtube going to figure this out, and how will they discover new content?

I can see how the Youtube guys are trying to get people to stay on the site longer, but it’s sad when a platform that used to help people discover new and unknown content and thus created its own celebrities now only supports the already established celebs.

Twitter went that way with its ‘recommended profiles’, meaning new users ended up just following the people they already watch on TV. ‘Mass media consumption’ rather than ‘we are all both consumer and creator’.

It’s a shame when that happens.

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