1. Joanne

    Anke, what a great essay on the benefit of developing a (lost) sense of discrimination when traversing what one may hope is the “spiritual” path. Easy answers are so seductive, and the West’s love affair with the East, which is really only as old as the 18th century, makes westerners (and those who sadly imitate them) particularly vulnerable to exploitative snake oil. Wonderfully expressed. So glad you are speaking out.

  2. pat blake

    I was bound up in this fundie stuff for many a year… It goes proper deep… Noew with the advent of the internet their teachings of misogyny, elitism and absolutism has become exposed….
    Good work Anke holst.. I applaud you

  3. Argenta

    Dear Anke,
    I went through the exactly same thing some three years ago, after being “in” for about thirteen years. I am so happy to see more people are coming to their senses about Hare Krishnas!
    Best of luck.

  4. Martin Blake

    On my twitter account, where else?

    • Anke

      And where is your twitter account?

  5. Martin Blake

    I tweeted!

    • Anke


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