1. Silver

    Beautiful and succint. I wonder how many have read your letter, and sincerely hope more than have chosen to comment. Although I come to it only now, I want you to know how highly I think of you for writing it, for sharing, for loving yourself.

    Hope to be able to have your company again, dear sister.
    Love from Silver (a.k.a. Stav)

    • Anandamayi

      Hare Krsna
      Thank you for your reply. I see you either not read carefully my Text or did not unerstood my Intention. I am a 100% with my guru as a guru, which means I am not against him, neither I am in love with my guru.
      Also I am not against Iskcon, I am only passing the next step on my path to realizator and this needs some clarification and purification.
      ys Anandamayi d.

  2. It has been more than 16 years now since we shared these long, cold winters in the forests of Sweden — me, trying to keep a rag-tag band of sincere misfits together and you, driving a tiny shuttle between Stone Henge minor and the emerald city of Oz. We share some tidbits of our lives only a few times a year, and yet I find it strangely comforting.

    Thank you so much for what you wrote here. I know it takes much more than most people could possibly comprehend. I am very happy you made it through.


    – Willem


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