Twitter, especially @twitterUK_SME, could grow better if it created more connections.

Everyone who has a Twitter account has been getting a mail from ‘Twitter for Business‘ in the last couple of days. We can see that Twitter is attempting to become even more useful – with the aim to also bring in some advertising bucks as those small businesses grow, of course. There’s a corresponding Twitter account @twitterUK_SME.

I think this is great. I thing it would be even greater if Twitter, the company, tried a little harder to create authentic connections (there’s a pun somewhere, I can feel it) with the people who have been doing a lot of evangelising for it over the past years.

I can imagine there is a lot of work involved in separating the evangelists (like me) with the ‘social media gurus’ that see a business opportunity and grab it, but don’t actually get out from behind the screen. I’ve run projects to train departments of my local government in connecting through Twitter, I’ve built a physical space for local people and local business to get to grips with social media, I developed and taught courses for individuals and teams, as an added bonus I’ve been invited to restaurant launches as the local social media person.

Plus, I’ve developed outreach programmes, for example for a start-up called Worksnug, which figured it was important to plug into the local community of mobile workers. So we started a programme called Ambassadors and I helped with the strategy, as well as identified relevant individuals around the cities where the programme would launch. I am good at that sort of thing.

I guess what I’m saying is I have ideas, but I also have some relevant skills, and if Twitter wants them, I’m here 😀

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