Speak for Yourself: Don’t stop now.

Speaking for Yourself doesn’t end with a bit of Twitter training.

If you’re any part of any organisation you will have come in some kind of contact with your organisation’s decisions regarding social media. The Comms department handles it, or you’re working for DEFRA, had training and are doing it. Chances are your organisation is going to change its approach as the skill levels, staff and influencers change.

If you are making decisions, you will have been trying to get a handle on it all.

Say you’ve played it safe and kept control of your social media channels either with your Comms or marketing department, or outsourced it to a digital agency. You’ll still have staff that are going to conferences to speak for your organisation but there’s a lack of confidence in letting them go and network online with your full blessing and the Comms’ teams full involvement, even though you know how much added value this would offer. You have many other areas of your organisation where things are happening that your audience would like to know instantly without the bottleneck of the marketing team. It’s not actually difficult, but how do you manage all this safely?

Of course, my favourite thing about speaking for yourself is how it changes you. It is slightly more difficult to start a blog and develop your online voice from scratch when the entire team is watching, but there’s ways around that. Fun ways, too.

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    […] it is you do, and also on where the people you need to talk to are. More about this, too, later. Read more Categories About Me, Social Media Previous: The next horrible thing – you’ll […]

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