Creating your own content – VITAL (and a tiny bit subversive)

What do you say, now that you have a space to say things?

Creating your own content is vital. Vital as in important, but also V.I.T.A.L. as a great shorthand to remind you that writing is not all there is: Video, Images, Text, Audio, Links.

You very likely have a tool to create original content right there in your pocket. Figure out how you like to to use it and what apps are around – are you more visual, do you like to post your thoughts as texts or do you work best when speaking out loud? Have a play with all things and try out as much as possible. You can either not share at all to begin with, or use your playground to bounce things around.

A central theme: Try to share things you feel might be interesting to others, a passion or a journey. I don’t want to push you toward or away from certain subjects, you can totally make it your own (as long as it’s not ALL about football. No, I’m joking, obviously. Or am I?)

You very likely have something you are doing that you don’t even think of as an achievement that other people might want to hear about. Think about what you’d want there to be when people enter your name in a search engine, that’s usually a good way to start. It doesn’t have to be all professional either – I will talk about how I see the trend for everyone to have more of a blended personal/professional life.

Here is where creating your own becomes an act of subversion: It’s in the interest ‘content marketing’ sites like Buzzfeed that we consume and share their content. Facebook, being another business, even favours those kind of posts over links to our own creations. That’s obviously not ideal, eventually we hope we will post to platforms with more transparent algorithms again. The more we become aware of this, the less we will tolerate these things. Twitter, so far, shows you all the posts from people you are following, and we hope it stays that way.

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  1. 6 Jan ’15

    […] facebook. Have as many side blogs as you want, connect them or not, use your real name or not. 1) what to post now you have a space 2) don’t talk into an echo chamber: how to create your playground Categories Social […]

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