Having an online life: Isn’t that something young people do?

No it isn’t.

I don’t believe that having a great online life is a generational thing at all. I remember gasping when I heard the phrase ‘Social Media? Oh, we’re letting the intern handle it’ for the first time when asking the head of an organisation about it. Thankfully most have moved away from that attitude and are actually paying grown-ups to be their voice on the internet, but that still leaves a lot of really immature approaches.

Younger people have grown up with having an online life, that still doesn’t mean they are any good at being online in a responsible and productive way. There are probably as many people in their late teens and twenties having no clue about really taking advantage of everything on the internet as there are people in their forties, fifties and sixties who do this really well.

Then there are a lot of people from my generation who were some of the first to hang out with each other in online communities and used a lot of the functionalities of early social media, before that phrase even existed, but never could get used to existing online under their real names. That isn’t helpful either.

What I’m trying to say is – it’s no use saying ‘yes I agree I should probably do this, but I think others should do it, because they do it better, or because they were there first.’

Whatever you can contribute is something nobody else can contribute.

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