You’re a person. You’re analogue. Your online presence should be too.

There is a very simple fallacy in a ‘doing social in order to…’ approach.

Anything you do in life with a binary goal – yes/no – can only go two ways. You either succeed or you fail. Going into a room with the goal to sell, you will either do that or not. What a shame, look how much you’re missing.

Being human means you can do so much more. You can go into a situation without a clear plan for the next 60 minutes (while having a general, broad, overall objective) – you then observe, learn from and adapt to what’s happening around you and come out with something gained. The wider your scope, the more of a chance you have to make the situation count. And of course, the more the people around you are open to operating like this the better. And if the people around you are broadly relevant to what you’re doing, you will be practically sure to have something relevant happen.

This relevant thing, whatever it is, you can’t plan for ahead of the time. The more you are fully present and engaged, with your entire set of passions, abilities and experiences at your disposal, the more you get out of a situation.

This is, as much I can put it in words, the real value of being human anywhere. And online.

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