A job description for the kind of role I’d like to have and which I don’t see advertised anywhere, but which I think organisations will have a need for in the future.

Not that I necessarily want to work for the Parliament Digital Service, but I see this job description and this job description and I want to take bits of each and make something new.

(Job title)

This specialist role provides crucial support to people in an organisation while moving from strictly controlled communication models to open, connected approaches, permitting staff to connect with each other and the outside world, like for example the Environment Agency.

Once the set-up and initial training has been completed by third-party providers, there is a need for ongoing support and conversation.

Objective: Staff should feel free to share (with a clear understanding of the boundaries), supported in being open, be part of the whole story, neither over-policed nor left to deal with new developments on their own.

This role requires high levels of professionalism and expertise and a continued personal development.


  • Assist in developing communication strategy which allows openness and engagement.
  • Develop strategies to help every part of the organisation have the skill, motivation and knowledge they need to connect with each other and the outside.
  • Schedule regular facilitated conversations and develop other learning initiatives to keep skill levels and motivation high.
  • Provides floor walking, coaching and advice to help users connect online, and to advise on specific hashtags and communities to meet their needs.



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