There are some things about your online identity you can only do yourself

Still using yesterday’s slide from 2009 as inspiration, I’m again attempting to improve how I think about what exactly I do and why anyone should hire me. (I think I like the slide because 2009 was a time before all this became about marketing.)

Screenshot from 2015-06-26 09:21:10These are the two main areas of training, coaching and consulting I have focused on since 2008. Obviously the motivation in those boxes, the reasons for participating in digital networks, will depend on the person and their particular set of professional and personal priorities.

The same goes for ‘Career & Identity management’, what people find when they search you online in order to either follow or connect with you. Your online presence, your ability to be found and to be connected with. If your motivation is to push a career forward, to grow a business or simply be good at something and use that to connect with others, be it work or hobby – it doesn’t matter. These are important skills that are crucial to how we work today.

In the rush to get ‘social media’ set up in every organisation, most decision makers have completely disregarded the importance of these skills, both for themselves and for their staff. As a result, the skills to do these important things haven’t really increased in the past 5 years. We have gone back to letting marketers and PR speak for us with single-minded motives, disregarding all the other things we also need to do online (see above.)

I’ve focused on speaking and teaching about the continued, and growing, importance of the adoption of these skills.

Why should anyone speak (or listen) to me?

– I am good (and gentle) at challenging assumptions about ‘social media’ face-to-face, because I am seeing it both from the point of view of someone taking part, someone working in the field, and an observer of the industry. We’re not making it any easier by being really bad at defining what exactly we’re talking about. And generally everyone having something to say about it.

– I can speak to all levels of an organisation about online voice and identity. 

– I’ve written a book about it.

– I have developed a training method, most suited to groups of about 5 – 15, helping people become comfortable with connecting to other people through technology. My courses focus on creating a safe, immersive, active learning space.

– While I focus on helping people going through the process of becoming comfortable with technology, I don’t lack technical skills, which helps when advising on ways an organisation can help connect people to each other and to the outside world.

– I can help your events have a great social media stream and curate it on the day.

– I can draw on a huge network of individuals with diverse specialist skills because of having volunteered my time and experience at a variety of events.

Do you know anyone who might benefit from talking to me? Please let me know.



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