I have had many lovely good-byes. Now I have had my first hellos. Thank you #d2m17

This post, like many before (which are now private, because TMI), is about transition. I am still in the process of moving to a new country. I don’t see it at all as moving home – after 23 years abroad, and after not living in this part of Germany since 1989, there is nothing familiar. Apart from some things, which I have started an Instagram account for.

I will start blogging in German, too, but so far, this is still relevant for a slightly larger audience. And I still live in London too, for some time.

I shall try to not break out into another one of my ‘omg London is so great’ rants, but hey, London is great. It saw me becoming a social butterfly. There are things I think about and care about, and it turned out that I could very happily hang out with people who also cared about things. (Disclaimer: I am not really a social butterfly.)

The regular events I went to became fewer in the last few years, while I had more responsibilities at home. But one I kept going to was the annual one organised by the epic crew of Kongressmedia. And now that I have experienced them on their home turf, organising D2M Summit in Hamburg, I am so happy that I did.

I only managed to be at the Hamburg event for little more than two hours, because I was just on my way to another Hamburg-London flight. (Have I mentioned that moving countries is a long drawn out process? I can recommend that combo though. Hamburg is amazing, and London is… Oh no I’m not going there again.)

In those two hours I managed to see some fun talks, tweet some tweets, meet the amazing Patrick Breitenbach, who works at ZDF Digital, who are involved in the one German media production that I have been so impressed with that I blogged about it. I don’t know any mainstream media production anywhere else that uses digital channels so effectively. And I’m old enough to remember how excited we were when the (always same) hashtag was first shown at the start of HIGNFY.

I was really grateful that Susanne took the time to personally introduce me to some of the other attendants. Everyone would have been interesting to talk to, but it was lovely to feel taken care of and be introduced. I really appreciated that. And then proceeded to have an extremely inspiring chat with Falk Hedemann about how to talk about what I have been talking about (the whole ‘come on, develop your digital identity, be better at the online thing yourself’ thing), but to a new bunch of people in a new country.

(Because, yes, I still care about that thing, even after seven years of nobody really listening. There’s staying power [or hopeless idealism] for you. BUT: in a time of influencer marketing, do people on the customer side instinctively feel that paying a stranger who doesn’t know or care about what what you do to mention you to ‘their community’ to score some social media points is superficial, fleeting, and basically scraping the barrel? Could that focus be on something else to create more lasting connections? Yes, definitely.)

So, hello, and thank you for the welcome, new people. I already feel like less of a stranger. And thank you Susanne for the personal attention and hand holding and to Björn and Thomas for the event organising.

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