A_29Aug_005_s2015: I’ve been online for over 20 years. I joined the first BBS in 1991. I’ve lived in Germany, Sweden, Nigeria and now in London. With a background in publishing and an education from a great printing school in East Berlin, my career has been patchy, but my online existence has been going steady over all this time.

Since I moved to London in 2008, I’ve worked on some interesting projects, some of which were even my idea. Got Haringey libraries started on twitter and JFDI’d the London #localgovcamp in 2010. Organised a huge pop-up exhibition in London in an empty office building in Pentonville Road. Started the Unlibrary, a local co-working space in Crouch End. Built communities around mobile working and developed training methodologies for online literacy.

I can be found doing all sorts of other things as well, from time to time – writing, knitting, cooking, raising a child…

I would love to hear your feedback on things I’ve written about. Tweet me, or send me a message.

This place is for random daily links and musings,
ankeholst.com is where my blog things go

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