I get to show people how to knit at @monkigras again!

I don’t consciously go out of my way to only work with amazing people, but it’s happened again: Not only am I facilitating another knitting circle at @monkigras this year, I’m also helping them a bit with their online communications. Monkigras is an annual conference/party Continue Reading

A lesson in indiscriminate change

I felt incredibly uneasy at #responsiveorg, an unconference for changemakers and those who identify thus. It took me a while to organise my thoughts into something I can share. A ‘changemaker’ goes into an organisation to change it. The main obstacle is people resisting change. Continue Reading

Who Decides Who Should Own Social Media, And What Do They Know?

It’s Social Media Week London, and I’m booked on a panel discussion on Monday, pitting me as ‘the Social Media Purist’ against specialists from PR, SEO, Social Technology and Digital Marketing backgrounds. All my projects have revolved around providing social media advice and training with Continue Reading