What Social Media can do when it’s not Marketing: For Example Jan Böhmermann

Jan Böhmermann made international headlines when he taunted the president of Turkey with a ‘poem’ on his show last month, which forced Angela Merkel to react, which caused more international attention. I don’t watch German TV so I missed out on about 35 of his Continue Reading

I get to show people how to knit at @monkigras again!

I don’t consciously go out of my way to only work with amazing people, but it’s happened again: Not only am I facilitating another knitting circle at @monkigras this year, I’m also helping them a bit with their online communications. Monkigras is an annual conference/party Continue Reading

A lesson in indiscriminate change

I felt incredibly uneasy at #responsiveorg, an unconference for changemakers and those who identify thus. It took me a while to organise my thoughts into something I can share. A ‘changemaker’ goes into an organisation to change it. The main obstacle is people resisting change. Continue Reading